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Why Start an RUF-I at Columbia?

Statistics tell us:
At Columbia, there are 12,000 international students from 151 countries within less than one square mile!

Scripture tells us:
"Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you" Rm. 15:7
"Make disciples of all nations" Mt. 28:19
"Love the resident foreigner among you, for you were foreigners" Deut. 10:19

Stories tell us:
"Before I came here, I would like to have many American friends; after I came, I found language and culture is a problem" -int'l student
"RUF-I has taught me that I can use the freedom I have in Christ to do something meaningful with my life" -int'l student

RUF International seeks to welcome students from all nations with biblical hospitality, explore the good news of Christ with them, and equip them to serve God wherever He places them

Dr. Tim Keller on the importance of Reformed University Fellowship as an organization